The Best Electric Skateboard in the world

mohamed shiyad March 29, 2020

Do you love skating and don’t have the skate board to surf then here is the best deal for you?Choose The Best Electric Skateboard in the world The original skateboards or you can say the old times skateboard that you need to operate by forcing it. But the time is now changed and its time for the technology. If you have the fond of skating, then it’s time to rock. There are number of skateboard brands available in the Skateboard shop. Here we will help you to choose the best which will easily fitted in your budget.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller

Here we have introduced the skateboard quality. The speed of the skateboard is a 25 mph so, we know this speed is a superfast and it is climbing hill to grade approximately 30%. The two nodes available on this skateboard i.e. the two nodes available like as low speed and high speed because of with this help easily go to the forward and backward.


Awesome, here you can at the right place because of here you can looking all details about it. This board can go approximately 5 miles about it. Here you can check out all the details related to it. It’s looking very nice and so inexpensive. According to releasing board, the price for this board only $ 150-$220. Start surfing.


To get a remote controller longboard/scatting board wheels are a little large and slightly for smoothly. We know the skateboard make a so different as compared to other boards. We suggest to all persons when you are skating start A to B more than kickflipping with this help. Who would but the scatting board.

  • Shortboard
  • Cruiser
  • Old School
  • Longboard

All persons know about the skateboard is very dangers in crack hills area but as this comparison, this remote controller skateboard wheels easily rolled with the help of longboard wheels with relative else. The longboard helps to regularly ride to the road. So, we suggest all interested person you are getting this board according to this quality and use to the regular setup.


Now, here we have discussed the skateboard longboard features because some persons are don’t know about it. Decrypting a lot number of variations of remote skateboard because you can through money quite in feet. Last time we are tried to best for different deck shapes, but this time get to their features. The interesting persons. Before to the walk to get the best understanding.

  • High Performance as it can go up to 25 mph.
  • It has the powerful Lithium battery of 6600 mAh which has big capacity and safe.
  • The deck of the skateboard is made of 9 layers strong maple.
  • It has the LED lights and ABS system for braking which can hold you on hill and hill start.

The skateboard the many good points which it covers in the features. You can go for the SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Controller with full confidence. Yet the board has many good features but if you find any fault in the board then get the maintenance and repair or replacement in USA only.

E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

The important thing that you should know about the Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard is that it’s not like the other boosted board or other electric skateboard builders available in the market. This one is reliable performer with high endurance. It contains the 400-watt motor and max speed of 12mph which makes it different from the other skateboard brands.


The budget fitted electric skateboard that everyone can easily afford to use in the daily routine to cover the distance quickly. You need to spend the $240-300 to own this board. It will make easy most of distance that you covered by bicycle or bus. It can easily run up to 18 miles after one full charge. You can control the speed by the given two modes in it. The skateboard is available in three colours.


  • The kicktail shape of skateboard allow you more control and better steering in crowded areas and sharp edges and curves.
  • It comes with the two speed modes which goes up to 12 mph.
  • You can go up to 18 miles distance after once full charge of this electric skateboard.
  • The braking systems is also so responsive and stop the skateboard in the short distance.
  • The board will charge full in just 3-5 hours.
  • The board is made up of wood. So, you will experience the original skateboard.
  • The design of the board is so impressive and beautiful.

You can control the skateboard via app on your mobile on which you can take the board speed up to 12 mph easily. Some of the customer said in their reviews that they already run this board at 13mph very comfortably. The board has the good grip to give the smooth ride. There are no irritating sounds in the skateboard while riding.

BLITZART Tornado 38” Electric Skateboard

BLITZART Tornado 38" Electric Longboard Skateboard Motor 3.5 PU 90mm Wheels NEW

An electric skateboard in the affordable price is hard find. Yet you get that, but it doesn’t have the features that you desired in an electronic skateboard. So, we bring the latest and affordable in price electric skateboard for you. BLITZART Tornado 38” Electric Skateboard is just for you who love to ride the skateboard. It will easily go up to 17mph with an average weight. Let’s check out the price of this skateboard.


If you are going to get your first skateboard, then this can be your best choice. The price of this skateboard will be $270-300 which varies as per discount and offers that runs by the sellers for their customers. So, there is no fixed price. And, if you are ordering it from outside then you may need to pay the shipping and custom charges as well to get your skateboard. In this price, you will not disappoint from this product as the skateboard manufacturers provide the features that are doing justice with the price.


  • It comes with the wireless remote controller which is quite easy and comfortable to use.
  • The maple wood and bamboo deck of the skateboard increase the grip while riding. It consists 7-ply of maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo to make durable and strong.
  • Ready to rule the streets with confidence and style on the electric skateboard.
  • It comes with the powerful 350w motor which drive the wheels and take it up to 17mph.
  • It has the beautiful littering LED lights on the remote.

Overall, the BLITZART Tornado 38” Electric Skateboard is perfect for those who are looking for their first skateboard. Also, it has the very positive reviews from the users who brought this and using it for a long time. But you cannot use the electric skateboard while raining as it is not waterproof or water resistant. So, you need to be careful while riding and it will be good if you keep it away from water.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

Image result for Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard

A good quality and with the simple look, you have the Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard in the good price. If you are searching for your first skateboard that has the beautiful look with the powerful motor, then you will not regret after getting this one. The features of this electric skateboard will amaze you. It has the 32 inches board of maple that you can control by the remote easily in crowded and heavy traffic areas. The good grip will help you to on the skateboard while riding.


The skateboard price is so satisfying if we look on features. You can own the Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard in just $250-350. The skateboard price may vary on the various places due to running offers and discount. We suggest you buy it from online mode to get the good discount. It can be your good choice to get your first skateboard. You may need to pay the shipping & custom charges in few countries. So, check that first before placing your order.


  • The electric skateboard can go up to 12.4 miles with the powerful 4400 mAh capacity 29.4V lithium battery.
  • The board is made up of the strong and durable 6 layers of Canadian maple and layer of bamboo which can easily carry 220 lbs.
  • The skateboard has the dual motor power of 350 W each with 83mm brushless Hub that helps it to go up to top speed 12.4 mph.
  • You will get wireless remote control to accelerate, brake and change direction of skateboard.
  • It comes with the 80A wear resistance PU wheels diameter of 51mm.
  • It will take just 2 hours to full charge.

After getting the Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard, you will say that worth the price. The board has the power which can easily carry the 170lbs (normal weight) and take the speed up to 15mph on flat (fast mode). If you are thinking to go on the up hill (May 10 degrees) that may be the issue. Otherwise, this one will not disappoint you at all.


Acton Blink S

The best budget electric skateboard can take you on the long rides and easily climb up on the 15-degree inclination without any extra loss of power. It will save your time in the traffic jams when you are on the way at the extreme speed of 15mph. the skateboard can take you up to 7 miles which makes its efficient and power saving. The skateboard is especially designed and build for both beginner and pro. You can enjoy the bright colours, safety features, and innovative design.


The price of Acton Blink S is so satisfying. You can buy this electric skateboard in $350-500. This is quite mid-range skateboard. But if you are curious or want electric skateboard then this is the best choice for you. Check out the features of the skateboard and you will not stop yourself to get this one. You will get the many positive reviews over the internet. But we will provide you honest review & details about this.


  • First, it is portable. The company make it lighter as possible as they can which is the best feature of this skateboard.
  • It has the functional tail which improves your skating skills to another level. So, ride more and increase your skills.
  • The skateboard comes with the 14 days money back guarantee which is also a plus point for this skateboard. In case of fault, different piece.
  • It made up of quality hardware which makes it more durable. Canadian maple wood and aluminium frame is used to build it.
  • A 45 minutes charge can take you up to 7 miles. It is one of the skateboard available in market that last up to 7 miles.
  • Bluetooth support for remote control

The Acton Blink S is the perfect choice for the intermediate and beginners level riding. You can learn many things and upgrade your skills by riding this electric skateboard. Yet it has the low braking efficiency at low battery that we noticed in this board. Also, it has the limited warranty. Otherwise, the simplicity of the board provides you also safety.


If you are thinking to get into the electric skateboarding, then these couple of boards can help you in that. These budgeted skateboards will not consume huge amounts from you. But lot of things that you can learn on these skateboards. The best thing about these skateboards that they have different features. So, just set your requirement and get it. We recommend you get the electric skateboard from the reputed store or if you buy through the online then it will be the best thing. The online buying is best if you want to get it in short term. The online selling companies has make easy returns if you get the faulty or different board. You should have a look on these electric skateboards before taking any decision.

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